Its god's Hand, I just hold the Brush Joe Catalano    


Joe Catalano

        Biography of an Artist and Humanitarian     

Joe Catalano is third generation Canadian, born in Oshawa Ontario.

He graduated from the Ontario College of Art, and has earned his living as president and founding partner of Concept 3 Advertising Agency in Toronto.  In this capacity,  Joe has been awarded many of North America's most prestigious awards for his graphic and creative design.       

Both 'interrelationalism' and 'sculpturism' are terms used by collectors of Joe Catalano's works to describe his unique style of art.

Prince and Noble, publishers of Colours of Freedom, the Art of Joe Catalano wrote the following introduction to their exquisite book of Joe's art:

"In a lifetime, if one is truly fortunate, one connects with the "Hand of God" working through an artist.  To experience Joe's art is to experience this connection.

"How can the sky become the clouds, which become the trees, which become the earth, which becomes the water?  And how can one being have its own identity, yet be part of another's, and part of all?

"This interrelationship and interdependence of all life is revealed in colours and contours that lead your insight to a wholeness and a glimpse of how God's universe works.

"We are honoured to offer to the world, the gift of Joe's art and understanding, and the thoughtful, poetic response to it written by his friend Donna Penrice."

St. Paul's Basilica, Toronto, hosted a solo exhibition of Joe's work in conjunction with the launch of Joe's book Colours of Freedom, and the profound celebration that began the Colours of Freedom Children's Peace Initiative.  (This is referenced in detail on the Background page of www.coloursoffreedom.com )

This philanthropic initiative led to the development of the Colours of Freedom, The Art of Helping Children Portfolio Project founded by Joe.  It includes twenty outstanding artists who have contributed works to help raise funds for programs that bring children together in dialogue for understanding. (See Portfolio Project at www.coloursoffreedom.com )

Original art, prints and books of Joe's art are in collections around the world - from private collectors, royal families, presidents, and prime ministers to national and international libraries and galleries.

To quote once again from Prince and Noble:

"Always other-directed, Joe has, through his work, eagerly and creatively supported causes that benefit those who are less fortunate.  Joe's particular passion is helping children.  His belief in children is boundless.  To that end, he has put his works of art to work for peace in projects that begin with children.

"Thank you Joe, for your leadership, mentorship, friendship and enthusiastic belief in the certainty of a better world."